NN, Inc. Precision Engineered Products Group to Showcase Electrical Products from Brainin and Polymet Business Units at IEEE PES T&D 2016

Exhibiting World-Class Machined Metal Parts, Stamping and Assembly Capabilities and Additive Manufacturing Technology during IEEE Power and Energy Society’s Transmission and Distribution Conference  WHO:                   NN, Inc. Precision Engineered Products Group (PEP) is a global manufacturer of precision engineered, customized solutions for energy management. NN’s Electrical Products division will showcase its capabilities in clad metals, electrical contacts, electrical contact tape, molded plastic parts, plated parts, precision metal and strip stamping, thermostat metal parts, and brazed and welded assembles. WHAT:                 IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES) Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Conference and Exposition, the largest and most comprehensive show in the […]

The challenges of Aerospace/Defense Manufacturing

Precision, Complexity and No Room for Error Critical components used in aerospace and defense can be very complex and they have some of the tightest specifications imaginable. For example: A .0001-.0002 deviation in the military vision component can cause a weapon carried by a soldier or mounted to a tank to miss a far-off target. The pedals used by pilots to fly commercial aircraft also leave no room for error in their manufacturing. These are the types of components PEP Premco routinely manufactures for its customers in the aerospace and defense markets. It is difficult to predict what special requirements […]

Holding .0002″ Over A Half Mile Coil

The performance of your clutch may be riding on the quality of our sprags. A major supplier of clutch assemblies used by a number of U.S, Japanese and European automakers has been relying on PEP cold drawn “sprag clutches” for nearly four decades. These clutches are known for their high performance and reliability. PEP’s Profile Business Unit supplies the critical sprag coils used in making these clutches. Over all these years defect levels have been near zero. There are two types of clutches used in automotive applications– roller and sprag. The sprag clutch is generally preferred for high performance (i.e. high […]

Case Study: Drug Delivery Device Components

Scaling Up From Zero To Hundreds of Millions In 2013, Precision Engineered Products began working with an OEM that had designed an exceptional multi-part drug delivery device with significant market potential. Their requirement was for precision, micro-molded and stamped components manufacturing that could be scaled rapidly in tandem to meet the anticipated demands. Manufacturing processes were developed for several complex stamped components, molded parts and ultra precision micro molded components. These all had to be assembled efficiently and perform in a coordinated fashion to enhance the structural integrity and performance of the device. The five metal stampings incorporated into this […]

Drug Delivery Device Components & Logistics

A complete resource for drug delivery component manufacturing and logistics. Drug delivery devices comprise one of the most rapidly growing segments of the medical device manufacturing market. Substantial R&D efforts are being focused on new drug formulations and the most appropriate designs for the drug delivery mechanisms. Good designs, however, do not automatically ensure that these devices can be assembled consistently with near zero rejects. Beyond good design and well-conceived assembly systems there is a critical need for a component management process that provides on-time delivery of interrelated components that not only meet specifications but also have tolerance bands aligned […]

Machined magnesium parts: What you should know

Because magnesium is lightweight, strong and resilient, it is an excellent choice for components that must be carried by personnel in the field, shot into space, or jostled repeatedly in transportation systems. Magnesium is by far the lightest structural material—more than a third lighter by volume than aluminum and 50% lighter than titanium. It has superior fatigue resistance. Magnesium must have well designed fixturing to hold tight tolerances and high finish quality. It has superior vibration damping capacity. We see an increasing number of requests for machined parts out of magnesium. For example, PEP recently machined an 8” x 11” […]