Business Units

The Precision Engineered Products Group of NN, Inc. combines in-depth materials science expertise with advanced engineering and production capabilities to design and manufacture a broad range of high precision metal and plastic components and assemblies. The group serves a broad base of blue-chip customers and others in diverse markets. The Precision Engineered Products Group is based in Attleboro, Massachusetts with facilities throughout the US, Mexico, China, and the Dominican Republic.

With over 1300 employees worldwide and a broad breadth of engineering capabilities, the business units that contribute to the PEP Group’s focused engineering expertise operate out of 17 manufacturing operations and total 700,000 square feet. In addition to this, the PEP group has several resources; 16,800 square feet of class 8 clean room space, 200+ high-speed presses, 80+ plastic molding machines, 140+ machining centers, and 60+ cold heading machines.

Boston Endo-Surgical Technologies (BE-ST) | www.pepbe-st.com

Boston Endo-Surgical Technologies (BE-ST) produces and markets reusable and disposable surgical devices for use in arthroscopic, spinal, and general orthopedic surgery. BE-ST develops and manufactures products for well-established healthcare companies on a contract manufacturing basis. BE-ST also distributes its own products via private-labeled OEM arrangements. BE-ST has achieved CE marking on many of our products.

Brainin | www.pepbrainin.com

Brainin is a customer-focused supplier of precision metal stampings, insert molding, and electrical contacts, including; solid and clad rivets, contact buttons, and powder contacts. In addition, the unit produces automotive air bag components and specialty products. This unit streamlines resources with the use of engineered assemblies and is ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, and ISO 13485 registered.

Connecticut Plastics | www.connecticutplastics.com

Since 1980, PEP Connecticut Plastics has been committed to manufacturing high quality, precision machined plastic components. With over 35 years in business, PEP Connecticut Plastics is a custom plastic manufacturer and finisher of complex products and assemblies. This unit specializes in machining and polishing the highest-quality parts with close tolerances for applications within the life sciences and medical, instrumentation and controls, and semiconductor industries. Its plastic manufacturing capabilities includes lathe turning, CNC plastic machining, milling, and micro machining plastic. It also includes acrylic polishing and plastic polishing techniques, such as; vapor polishing, flame polishing, and mechanical buffing.

General Metal Finishing | www.pepgenmetal.com

Founded in 1973, PEP General Metal Finishing has over 100 employees and is an industry-leading specification plating and surface finishing business. PEP GMF is a leader in the field of rack, barrel, and vibratory plating services. It specializes in gold, silver, nickel, copper, tin, tin-lead, platinum, and stainless steel electropolishing. This business unit has the following registrations and certifications; Nadcap AC7004 Aerospace Quality System, Nadcap AC7018 Chemical Processing, ISO 9001, ISO 13485.

Holmed | www.holmed.net

PEP Holmed provides a full line of orthopedic and spinal surgical instruments including rod cutters, reduction devices, deburrers, curettes, probes, specialized handles and many other tools. Surgeons rely on the quality of these instruments to insure the best outcomes for their patients. Each instrument is manufactured internally with intense quality controls and the goal of enhancing surgical outcomes. This provides devices that perform flawlessly every time. Generally the instruments are supplied on a contract manufacturing basis, but this unit can also develop new instruments for specific purposes on an OEM basis if that is the preferred path of the customer. PEP Holmed is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 registered.

Howes | www.howestemco.com

PEP Howes produces machined parts and complex assemblies, with prototype to high volume production capabilities. This business unit is a domestic provider of tight tolerance machined parts and assemblies. PEP Howes manufactures a wide range of products and delivers to some of the best known manufacturers of medical equipment, military applications and commercial products worldwide. In terms of in house capabilities, this business unit deploys the following; CNC milling, CNC turning, assembly, grinding, lapping, polishing, citric passivation, ultrasonic cleaning, bead blasting, prototyping, honing, and laser marking.

Lacey | www.peplacey.com

PEP Lacey was founded in 1921, and has been a full-service contract manufacturer for the medical device market for over 50 years. From the 1930s to 1950s, this business unit went from tool and die to specialized metal stamping processes. In the 1960s, PEP Lacey finally entered the medical device market. Some key strengths of this business unit are product development, design for manufacturing, and high-volume precision manufacturing. Its vertically integrated services include clean room assembly, metal stamping and machining, plastic injection molding, and sterile barrier packaging. It is FDA registered and ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and JPAL Ordinance 169 certified.

microPEP | www.pepmicropep.com

Established in 1963, PEP microPEP offers small-to-micro component design and manufacturing. This unit offers an array of micro-related services, including; micro insert molding, cleanroom micro molding, micro optics molding, micro metal stampings, and specialty micro plating. PEP microPEP’s cleanroom micro molding operations produce parts with geometries repeatable to +/- 2 to 4 microns. The unit specializes in shot-to-shot repeatability on tight tolerance medical components that require Cpk values of 1.33 or more. It has the capability to produce prototypes as quickly as 3 days to high volume products such as medical disposables, microfluidic chips, and lens arrays. The unit is ISO 13485, ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 registered.

Premco | www.premco.net

PEP Premco manufactures multi-axis, close tolerance machined parts with a specialization in difficult-to-form metals for the medical, aerospace, semiconductor and defense industries. They are a contract machining company with an emphasis on multi axis close tolerance complex machined parts. For over 4 decades they have added to our list of satisfied customers; the kind that continue to come back again and again. Their flexibility allows them to work with a wide variety of materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, tungsten, magnesium, plastics and more. They also have extensive experience machining a variety of castings, forgings and extrusions. This allows them to keep more work in-house, where they can keep a close eye on quality and costs. When the customer needs assistance at any stage of the manufacturing process they are well prepared to assist – from prototype through delivery. This business unit is ISO 9001 and AS9100 Rev. C certified.

Polymet | www.peppolymet.com

PEP Polymet is a leading producer of precision clad metals in a wide range of metal combinations and shapes. In addition to overlays, inlays, thermostat metals, clad springs, fret wire, gold and aluminum bonding wire, custom material systems can be developed with the exact characteristics a customer’s application requires. This business unit is ISO 9001 registered.

Profiles | www.profiles-inc.com

PEP Profiles expertly cold rolls and cold draws a variety of metals into precision, geometric shapes with tight tolerances. Additional processes include stamping, heat treating, annealing, and burnishing. Applications range from orthodontic brackets to shaped wire used in oil well production screens. They specialize in net and near-net processing for medium to high volumes, with tolerances as close as ±.0002. PEP Profile’s SPC program is among the most advanced in the industry, with customized reporting and documentation available to meet customer needs. This business unit is ISO 9001 registered.

Wauconda | www.pepwauconda.com

PEP Wauconda, a global supplier of high precision metal stampings and metal inserts for insert molding, thrives on developing solutions for complex challenges. It excels at complex geometry, using all metals from dual gauge material and selective plating; finding the best solution for a customer’s application in the automotive, electronics and medical industries; and stamping all medical grade alloys. Wauconda specializes in micro-stamping for miniature applications. This business unit is ISO 9001, ISO 13485 registered.

Trigon | www.etrigon.com

The most recent addition to the PEP family is PEP Trigon. This unit is an FDA-registered and ISO 13485:2003 certified contract manufacturer. This business unit offers developmental services, design services and an array of contract manufacturing capabilities from advanced machining and precision assembly to additive manufacturing. The advanced capabilities include laser technologies, such as laser cutting and laser marking; welding such as electron beam, laser, and GTAW. In addition the PEP group has grinding capabilities, cleaning and passivation, and finishing.