Clad Metals

Precision Engineered Products Group is a world-leading manufacturer of precision clad metal overlays and inlays. These clad materials are precious and non-precious metals or alloys metallurgically bonded to a substrate. They can be a single alloy or an overlay clad combination.

Inlay stripes are precisely positioned at the location required by your application. Inlays can be placed on one or both sides, at the edge, or at any distance from the edge. When multiple inlays are specified, they can be of different thickness, width and of different materials.

We produce clad metal strip in the broadest range of metal combinations, configurations, and dimensions. Virtually any ductile metal can be metallurgically bonded to produce a material system with the exact characteristics your application requires. Our experts use both proprietary and conventional metal bonding techniques to produce composite materials of superior integrity and quality.