Precision Engineered Products Group offers specification electroplating services for precision metal components used in the highest-reliability applications. Our experience enables customers to solve challenging plating issues by exploring functional solutions and cost-saving opportunities.

We offer barrel, vibratory, and rack electroplating services for a wide variety of aerospace and defense materials:

  • Black Ebonol-C: MIL-C-13924
  • Black Oxide: MIL-C-13924, AMS 2485
  • Copper: ASTM B734, MIL-C-14550, AMS 2418
  • Gold: ASTM B488, MIL-G-45204, AMS 2422, AMS 2425
  • Miralloy® (Copper/ Tin/Zinc Alloy)
  • Nickel (Electroless): MIL-C-26074, MIL-CL26074, ASTM B733, AMS 2404, S414
  • Palladium: ASTM B679, MIL-P-45209
  • Sulfamate Nickel: ASTM B689, AMS-QQ-N-290, MIL-P-27418, AMS 2403
  • Tin: MIL-T-16727, AMS 2408
  • Tin (Pure Matte/Bright): ASTM B545, MIL-T-10727, AMS 2408
  • Tin-Lead (90/10, 60/40): ASTM B579, MIL-P-81728, MIL-P-81728A

We also provide electropolishing services. This process removes iron and other metallics from the surface of stainless steel, leaving a bright, burr-free finish. Whether your goal is aesthetic improvement, passivation and corrosion resistance, or reduced surface resistance, our stainless steel electropolishing team routinely surpasses client expectations.