Clad Metals

NN, Inc. Precision Engineered Products Group’s Polymet brand is a world-leading manufacturer of precision clad metal solutions for electrical product applications. The business’ capabilities range from simple overlays and inlays to complex clads, parts, or assemblies.

The Precision Engineered Products Group’s Polymet brand produces clad metal strip in the broadest range of metal combinations, configurations, and dimensions. Virtually any ductile metal can be metallurgically bonded to produce a material solution with the exact characteristics required by your application.

Group experts use both proprietary and conventional metal bonding techniques to produce composite materials of superior bond integrity and quality. Customers will realize the value in their own products through greater reliability, longer life, and enhanced utility.

Customers depend on our clad metal solutions for exceptionally demanding applications. A unique controlled-atmosphere bonding process ensures the best possible bond, and prevents oxidation or the introduction of impurities at the bond interface. The result is a clad metal system with thicknesses ranging from 0.002 inch to 0.250 inch, widths up to 4.00 inches, and individual components as thin as 0.000025 inch.

Precision Engineered Product Group’s bonding lines provide long, continuous coils that consistently meet customers’ production requirements and offer a single source solution that is second to none.


The Polymet brand is an ISO 9001-certified clad metal material supplier to leading companies around the world. Continuous improvement is a core principle. Process specifications are rigorously maintained for every item manufactured — ensuring lot-to-lot consistency and traceability.

The group’s composites improve the quality of customers’ products in a cost-effective manner. These benefits include enhanced strength, conductivity, appearance, heat dissipation, expansion coefficient, thermal deflection rate, welding characteristics, spring properties, wear, electrical contact resistance, and other mechanical and physical properties.

Customer Benefits

  • Broad range of metal combinations, configurations, and dimensions
  • Superior bond integrity and quality
  • Higher reliability, longer life and greater utility
  • Shorter lead times
  • Exceptional lot-to-lot consistency and traceability

Products and Capabilities

Inlay and Overlay Clad Metal

These materials are precious and non-precious metals or alloys metallurgically bonded to a substrate, which can be a single alloy or an overlay clad combination. Inlay stripes are precisely positioned at the location required by your application. Inlays can be placed on one or both sides, at the edge, or at any distance from the edge. Multiple inlays can be of different thicknesses, widths, and materials.

Thermostat Metal Strip

Precision Engineered Products Group’s Polymet brand manufactures more than 62 types of thermostat metals, including ASTM standard items, to improve product quality, enhance safety and facilitate trade. Our engineering team can also tailor a custom thermostat metal system to your application. The group produces the thickest thermostat metals available in the world using a proprietary controlled-atmosphere bonding process. Rigorous testing protocols monitor key parameters such as flexivity, resistivity, and hardness. Products are available in thicknesses ranging from 0.004 inch to 0.150 inch.

Nickel Clad Copper

Precision Engineered Products Group’s Polymet brand makes nickel-clad copper round-edge flat stock for use in the manufacturing of fiberglass. The strip is constructed of a uniform layer of pure nickel, which is metallurgically clad to the copper substrate to form a rounded edge strip completely encapsulated by the nickel layer. The excellent thermal conductivity of the copper transfers the heat away from the working surface, while the nickel provides protection against corrosive liquids and gases in the thermal column.

Multi-Gauge Strip

The Precision Engineered Products Group Polymet brand manufactures precision multi-gauge strip products for a range of applications. A high-speed milling process enables economic production with excellent precision. Segments of the parent material are precisely removed, producing a profile largely free of residual stresses. These profiles allow simpler designs and more cost-effective stamping tools because the need to incorporate coining stations in the die is eliminated or substantially reduced.


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