Electrical Contact Tape

NN, Inc. Precision Engineered Products Group’s, Polymet brand is a leading global producer of single-source electrical contact tape solutions. These are overlay clad materials in two or more layers precision formed to meet the requirements of high-speed, automatic welding equipment for the manufacture of electrical contact assemblies.

By precisely controlling the thickness of the clad layers, contact tape minimizes precious metal usage, maximizes conductivity, and provides a resistive backing for welding. Precision Engineered Products Group’s in-house custom v-slit tooling produces contact tapes with as low as a 2:1 width-to-thickness ratio, while eliminating the burr-up, burr-down conditions that may result from conventional slitting.

After v-slitting, the clad material is form-rolled with custom in-house tooling to make a precise profile for the contact surface, and to form a close tolerance weld projection on the bottom to assure the highest-quality, longest-lasting welds.

Contact tapes are formed with diamond, waffle, rail, or knurled weld projections in a variety of configurations.

Quality and Expertise

Continuous improvement is a Precision Engineered Products Group core principle. Process specifications are rigorously maintained for every item manufactured, ensuring lot-to-lot consistency and traceability. Production facilities are ISO 9001-certified.

Common Contact Metals

  • Fine silver
  • Coin silver
  • Sterling silver
  • Silver cadmium oxide
  • Silver tin oxide
  • Silver-nickel
  • Fine gold
  • Coin gold (90%Au-10%Cu)
  • Au-Ag-Pt alloys
  • Many others to suit

Common Base Metals

  • Copper
  • Brasses
  • Commercial bronze
  • Phosphor bronze
  • Nickel silver
  • Nickel
  • Monel
  • Nickel plated steel
  • Ni-Fe alloys
  • Cupro-nickel

Customer Benefits

  • Contact tapes with as low as a 2:1 width-to-thickness ratio
  • Burr-up and burr-down conditions eliminated
  • Formed with diamond, waffle, rail, or knurled weld projections


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