Electrical Contacts

NN, Inc.’s Precision Engineered Products Group is among the world’s leading suppliers of electrical contacts and contact assemblies used in dry-circuit to arcing heavy-duty, make-and-break devices. The group has solutions for every application, producing composite rivets, solid rivets, laminated welding buttons, powder metal contacts, and other designs to meet all customer requirements. Its manufacturing systems produce superior contacts that perform reliably in demanding electrical switching, control, and connector applications.

With its unparalleled expertise, Precision Engineered Products Group works with customers to analyze contact composition and assembly to identify the root cause of contact failures. The group’s metal stamping operations in the U.S., Mexico, and China help ensure the finest quality electrical contact assemblies. In addition, it operates silver mill and gold mills, plus a clad metal facility that are capable of supplying specialty material needs.

With the broadest range of manufacturing capabilities in the industry, Precision Engineered Products Group’s offerings include discrete electrical contacts, solid and clad contact materials, and high-technology specification surface finishing and plating services. Materials processed include silver cadmium oxide, silver tin oxide, fine silver, silver nickel, silver copper nickel and other precious metals. The group’s products are used in a broad range of power applications, from millivolts to kilovolts.

Precision Engineered Product Group’s quality certifications – ISO 9001, TS 16949, ISO 13485, and Nadcap – demonstrate its commitment to customer product integrity.

Customer Benefits

  • Wide variety of electrical contacts and assemblies
  • Broad range of manufacturing capabilities
  • Highly reliable performance in demanding applications

Products and Capabilities

Machined Contact Assemblies

Precision Engineered Products Group produces milled, bored, and reamed hinges, both silver-plated and unplated, for reliable transfer switch operation. Its milled, counter-bored, and tapped brazed assemblies; forgings; and extrusions with copper braid attachments provide cost-effective solutions for heavy-duty current interruption.

Rivet Contacts

The group manufactures a variety of composite and solid rivet contacts, and can incorporate features others find challenging – such as large heads relative to shank size and undercuts of the rivet head. Plus, the ability to control the distribution of silver makes the group very cost competitive.

Stamped Contacts

Precision stampings for electrical switches and relays are available in a wide variety of solid materials and precious metal clads. Wire forms and other four-slide parts with simple-to-complex bends and optimized grain direction can be produced for superior performance.

Brazed and Welded Assemblies

PEP manufactures brazed contact assemblies for heavy-duty electromechanical and other special applications. Furnace brazing, flame brazing, and resistance brazing and welding techniques provide high-quality liquid phase bonds. For welded contact assemblies, precious metal tape, wire, or balls are welded directly to a base metal strip and then stamped to form a finished contact assembly in one operation.

Powder Metal Contacts

Precision Engineered Products Group’s Mexican operations provide an exceptionally competitive cost production platform with strong technology support and advanced manufacturing techniques. This ensures a consistent powder metal contact with an excellent microstructure and high density. Products are made with strict quality controls at every step in the process. Applications include circuit breakers, transfer switches, power distribution, and other high-energy devices.


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