Plated Parts

NN, Inc. Precision Engineered Products Group’s General Metal Finishing division provides functional electroplating services for electronic products and applications. The commitment to customer satisfaction and quality has earned us a reputation as a leader in the field of specification rack, barrel, and vibratory plating, and more recently, stainless steel electropolishing. The group serves a wide range of markets including energy management, aerospace, military/defense, commercial electronics, and telecommunications.

The General Metal Finishing division’s two plating facilities total over 40,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Precious and non-precious metal finishes are applied to customer or military standards.

Plating Methods

Barrel plating enables economic parts plating with low labor cost. Small- to medium-sized parts that can withstand tumbling without distortion due to part-on-part contact are good choices for barrel plating.

Rack plating is used to finish larger, fragile, higher-reliability components that cannot be coated using other batch plating methods. A more labor-intensive process, parts are wired or hard fixtured on plating racks and then submersed in the plating solution.

Vibratory plating is another method of batch or bulk processing that employs vibration rather than cylindrical barrel tumbling to plate the product.

Quality & Expertise

Precision Engineered Products Group’s project teams consist of both chemical engineers and experienced platers, ensuring the delivery of exceptional quality, consistency, and service, plus rapid production cycles. Nadcap, ISO 9001, and ISO 13485 certifications are further assurance of our quality management system and commitment to excellence. The group’s Nadcap accreditation and ITAR registration are key components for manufacturing aerospace and defense products.

Customer Benefits

  • Barrel, rack, and vibratory plating
  • Stainless steel electropolishing to ASTM A967 standards
  • Exceptional quality, consistency, and service
  • Rapid production cycles
  • Ideal for high-reliability, mission-critical assemblies

Products and Capabilities

Metal Finishing Services

The electroplated finish is often one of the most important components to the success of an electronic device. The group’s plated products have been found in high-reliability, mission-critical assemblies throughout the world for more than 40 years.

Gold Plating is valued for its physical properties and since it’s a noble metal, it does not oxidize or chemically react under normal conditions. Pure gold has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity characteristics.

Silver Plating offers the highest electrical conductivity of all metals. However, it will form surface tarnish films, especially when exposed to sulfur-bearing atmospheres. It is best suited for engineering purposes that require soldering, higher electrical and thermal conductivity, wear resistance of load bearing surfaces, and superior electrical contact.

Tin Plating has good conductivity and corrosion resistance while enhancing the solderability of substrates not easily soldered. Bright tin is generally preferred for electrical contact applications such as bus bars, terminals, and switch components that don’t require soldering.

Electrolytic Nickel is the widest used electroplated coating with a myriad of functional and decorative applications. Bright nickel is often used in the electrical industry.

Tin-Lead, frequently called solder plate, is widely used for functional soldering applications. The ratio of tin to lead does affect the melting point of the deposit. The main purposes for using tin-lead is its excellent solderability and corrosion protection.

Palladium has often been used as an alternative to gold, providing a functional alternative to connectivity and wire bonding at a much lower cost. Palladium has excellent corrosion resistance and is known for its superb wear-resistance.


Precision Engineered Products Group provides superior electropolishing services for stainless steel components. The process removes iron and other metallics from the surface of stainless steel leaving a bright, burr-free surface.


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