Precision Metal Stamping

NN, Inc.’s Precision Engineered Products Group’s engineers, tool and die makers, and technicians design, build, and maintain highly productive metal stamping tools for electrical products. The group maintains precision metal stamping capability with close tolerances, and custom-cleaning processes are available in-house.

Electrical and electronics products include subminiature to large precision metal stampings for connectors, hybrid packaging, lead frames, heat sinks, and other computer and electronic applications. Precision Engineered Products Group makes parts with tight critical dimensions and cosmetic requirements at quantities to millions per week. It also produces a wide variety of metallic stampings for the electrical, defense, appliance, and electronic industries.

The group’s engineers are experts on materials that support customers’ manufacturing, component performance, and cost objectives. Base metals, particularly copper and copper alloys, are used extensively in switches and electrical components. Thermostat metals are utilized for parts designed to move precisely as heat is added or taken away. Precious metals are primarily used for electrical contacts. Clad metals used in electrical contact applications are often a copper-based material with inlay, overlays or tri-metal layers that provide optimal precious metal placement and utilization.


The group’s dedication to quality is reflected in new technology and applying the benchmarks of the most current quality system requirements: ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003. Our goal of eliminating defects is continually improved by utilizing automated vision systems, error proofing, and 100% inspection of critical characteristics and processes.

Customer Benefits

  • Leading-edge metal stamping with close tolerances
  • Subminiature to large precision metal stampings
  • Deep materials and metals expertise
  • Full-service prototyping shop
  • High-volume intricate metal stampings

Capabilities & Services


The Precision Engineered Products team includes representatives from sales, tooling, production and quality. A project manager leads the team from prototyping to tooling conception to approval of your part submission. Our expertise in supplying engineering support and prototypes for difficult applications, such as insert molding and micro-miniature electronics, will ensure that your program is completed on schedule and within budget. The group has a prototyping shop with tooling that is readily adaptable to customer requirements. Its staff specializes in working with production engineers to transition validated components smoothly into production.

High-Volume Intricate Metal Stampings

Precision Engineered Product Group is a global supplier of high-volume intricate metal stampings for the electronic, communication, and electrical-mechanical markets. The group provides customers with technical support and single-source manufacturing that includes metal stamping, metal plating, plastic molding, component assembly, and specialty materials. It also provides wire bondable stamped products for the semiconductor and electronics market.


The group utilizes the latest technology in tool and die building from CNC machining to EDM wire cutting. Its dies utilize die-sensing technology, material handling, and automated optical vision systems to produce accurate stampings at the highest speeds available.


Precision Engineered Products Group’s support teams collaborate with customers to analyze product specifications, dimensional tolerances, or production requirements; establish production schedules in synch with your manufacturing requirements; identify custom packaging; and establish manufacturing excellence and cost control. The group also provides EDI support and offers on-site and customer site-consigned inventory.


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