Medical Molding

Going back to 1963, Precision Engineered Products’ thermoplastic molding operations have been dedicated to meeting client requirements for very challenging geometries and micro components. Medical molding prototypes are available as quickly as 3 days.  Precision Engineered Products molding applications include medical disposables, microfluidic chips, minimally invasive surgical instruments and dental and medical implants.

Our primary goal is early involvement in your difficult medical molding programs. Our expertise is in the delivery of quality production requirements on highly technical, complex molding programs for small, functional components across a variety of market segments. We are especially involved with medical and surgical device applications and concentrate our technical abilities in the development of molded parts and assemblies that present our customers with significant value in use. You can rely on PEP’s rigorous focus on quality for problem-free production and superior value.

Resorbable Resins

Resorbable Resins

Precision Engineered Products has developed a large knowledge base of several PLA and PGA resin blends with varying IV (intrinsic viscosity). These bioresorbable resins exhibit unusual characteristics in the micro molding regime, so micro tensile bars are designed by our engineers to provide the effects of .002 – .009″ gate shear on your customized compounds before your design is finalized.  Adapting mold designs to the realities of bioresorbable resin behaviors in the micro world provides the opportunity to develop significant up-front savings on your project.  Compare ASTM testing samples molded for IV comparison to see how your material and product will behave in-vitro.

Applications include anchors, stents, bone screws, seeds, sutures, swallowable pills, and medicine delivery applications – all in micro molded sizes and with micron tolerances. Every day, the Precision Engineered Products technical team is working to expand the use of these unique resins in micro molded medical and surgical applications.

Microfluidic Arrays

microwell array

PEP’s groundbreaking microscope-sized “slides” hold up to 42 million discrete wells that are as small as 3 microns in diameter and depth, with each well segregated and made to accommodate high speed automated individual assays using fluorescence microscopy. Using microPEP’s proprietary processing methods, we injection mold near-nano scale features across a macro sized surface with extreme positional accuracy. There is a significant need in genomics research and discovery for higher density DNA sequencing platforms. PEP’s microwell arrays increase the capacity of current competitive array technology by 40X. In addition, this insert molding technology provides significant cost advantages over etched glass and embossing methods at volume production.

Microfluidic arrays offer several advantages which are application-specific. Typical advantages include: low fluid volume consumption (resulting in less waste, lower costs and lower sample volume requirements), faster analysis and response times, enhanced process control due to improved system response and lower chip/slide manufacturing cost due to mass production of disposable molded chips and slides.

Robotic Assembly

Robotic Assembly

Precision Engineered Products customers are continually designing smaller, more complex devices – all of which must be produced more cost-effectively, and with increasing emphasis on quality. Automation is a key tool in this process of continual product evolution. In cases where product volume may not support the cost of full automation, robotics hold the key to low cost component and assembly production with highly repeatable quality.

Precision Engineered Products molding operations are set up with robotic equipment capable of loading inserts, sprue removal, part separation, ultrasonic welding and device assembly, all to provide you with superior value. To do this effectively, we embrace our long-term commitment to equipment qualification, operator training and product quality. Superior process capability is maintained, even as medical components and assemblies decrease in size and increase in complexity.

Class 8 (100k) Molding

Class 7 (10k) Molding

PEP micro molding operations provide a one-stop design and manufacturing solution for your small and micro component applications. From design to prototype to production, Precision Engineered Products will bring your vision to reality. Combining long-term engineering wisdom with high-end infrastructure, we are ready to make a difference for you. With manufacturing locations in several U.S. states, Mexico, Dominican Republic and China, Precision Engineered Products is poised to follow you wherever you need to go.

Our Class 8 (100,000) cleanroom micro molding operations produce parts with geometries repeatable to +/- 2 to 4 microns (.002mm to .004mm). We specialize in shot-to-shot repeatability on tight tolerance medical components that require Cpk values of 1.33 or more. Clean micro insert molding is also performed in these facilities for electronic component and medical device applications.

  • Micron tolerance medical molding
  • Features as low as 2 microns
  • Part weights as low as 0.0001 gram
  • Single-point diamond turning (thermoplastics and non-ferrous metals)
  • Materials – PEEK, LCP, TPE, PC, Ultem®, Pebax®, olefins and more
  • Fused Deposition Modeling, FEA, Moldflow® and other software