Medical Stampings

Since 1939, Precision Engineered Products’ world-class stamping operations have been leaders in the manufacture of precision metal stampings and formed metal parts for medical and surgical applications including stent markers, biopsy jaws, surgical devices, hearing aid micro-laminates and medical delivery systems. These often micro-sized medical stampings require complex shapes and intricate geometries with tolerances of +/– .0001″. Implantable medical devices often involve creative stamping solutions when working with exotic alloys such as titanium, tantalum and other metals.

Precision stampings, screw machine parts and assemblies for medical applications produced from stainless steel, tantalum, titanium, nitinol and solid or clad precious metals are produced to extremely tight tolerances and specifications. Applications include such critical functions as stent markers, surgical instruments, medicine delivery systems and other medical devices.

Precision Stamping

Precision Engineered Products’ talented engineers, tool and die makers and technicians design, build and maintain the most productive stamping tools in the world to produce metal stampings for a wide range of medical applications. Using Autodesk® Inventor®, CadKEY KeyCreator® and other advanced engineering software, PEP’s experienced team of tool engineers will design tooling that is world class in every respect. Designed for manufacturability and ease of maintenance, we rely on these tools in our production facilities to enable us to satisfy your increasing need for tighter tolerances, enhanced capability and part repeatability in high speed assembly.

As part of our Technical Support Services, Precision Engineered Products offers a wide range of metallographic, mechanical and chemical testing capabilities. Our engineers are available to consult with your technical team to develop best practices and to assure that the ultimate performance of the device conforms to expectations developed during the design process.


Medical Stampings Engineering

The key to high performance in precision stamping is the quality of the tool design. Increased productivity requirements demand fault-free production performance. Our experienced team of tool engineers design tooling that is world-class in every respect. At your request, Precision Engineered Products engineers and technicians will work with you on the process of Design Failure Mode and Effects Analyses to insure that potential failure modes have been considered. This rigorous process will ultimately increase the probability that potential design pitfalls and their consequent effect on products and processes have been actively addressed.

As part of PEP’s commitment to total customer satisfaction, we have developed our support services capability to address those other functions that are critical to the successful launch of any new medical or surgical product: prototypes to validate product design, engineering support to assure process quality in production, tool and die design for production and the testing of parts and components to assure compliance to specifications and regulatory requirements.


Quality Medical Stampings

We demonstrate our dedication to quality by investing in new technology and applying the benchmarks of the latest ISO quality system requirements.

All Precision Engineered Products manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001, TS 16949 and/or ISO 13485 registered. We are certified suppliers to many leading companies throughout the world. Our entire team is involved in the quality management process and our ongoing emphasis on continuous improvement has resulted in high customer satisfaction. Professional quality engineers, technicians and inspectors, with the support of a comprehensive mechanical and chemical laboratory, insure consistent product. Machine operator quality involvement provides real-time control and defect levels measured in parts per million. This pursuit of quality and our goal of zero defects result in meeting the parameters of your most exacting specifications for all your precision stamping. Total quality management is our philosophy. Continuous quality improvement is our goal.

Volume Production

Volume Production

Precision stamping presses from 2 to 400 tons with speeds up to 1800 strokes per minute provide us with a leading-edge metal stamping capability. These presses operate with state of the art controls and stock feeds and routinely produce high volume parts with CPk values of 1.33 or better. For applications requiring larger stamped parts, Precision Engineered Products also has the resources to produce parts on presses with bed sizes up to 48” x 144” ranging in capacity up to 400 tons with stock sizes running to 0.200” thick x 30” wide.

PEP has established dedicated prototype manufacturing capabilities that are specifically designed to attend to the needs of our customers without having to rely on the equipment and personnel resources in our manufacturing areas. This translates into delivery of prototype parts ranging from two days to two weeks. Proof-of-concept medical parts and assemblies or small quantity production runs are produced to your specifications and  backed up by our demonstrated capabilities in engineering, manufacturing and tooling.

  • Micro-sized medical stampings
  • Multi-piece medical and surgical assemblies
  • Brazed and welded assemblies
  • Fast prototypes, often 2 days to 2 weeks
  • Design FMEAs and engineering support
  • Specification plating and surface finishing
  • Precision electropolishing