Advanced Services

Laser Technologies

  • 2000W Laser Cutting Machine
  • 30W & 80W Laser Marking Workstations

We laser cut thin sheet and thick plate. Rapid Programming allows us to produce rapid prototypes.

Our laser marking workstations are enhanced with a rotary indexers for marking difficult items.


GTAW / TIG Welding

Exceptionally Clean
High Quality Welds
High Weld Integrity
Mid to Low Part Distortion
Excellent Strength
Minimal Contamination
Exotic Metal Welds
Leaves No Splatter or Slag
Flexible Welding Positions

Laser Welding

Excellent Beam Quality
High Quality Welds
High Weld Integrity
Very Good Pulse-To-Pulse Stability
Minimal Thermal Load
Flexible Welding positions
No Filler Metal

CNC Electron Beam Welding

Two 150,000 Volt High-Energy Machines

Minimal Heat Affected Zone
Low Part Distortion
High Depth-To-Width Ratio
Exceptional, Repeatable Quality
Superior Strength
Minimal Contamination
Precise Positioning and Penetration
Exotic and Dissimilar Metal Welds
No Filler Metal


  • Universal CNC
  • Cylindrical Grinding

Broad spectrum of cutting tools
Heavy-duty manufacturing
Wide variety of support tooling
Integrated dresser roll on the headstock


  • Fully Automated Ultrasonic cleaning centers

Our fully automated, computer-controlled multi-station systems untrasonically clean, as well as passivate with both nitric acid and citric acid.

Finishing: The results speak for themselves.

  • Fully Equipped Finishing Room
  • CNC Robotic Finishing Cell

Our talented and dedicated finishing personnel are on display with each and every part. The skilled workforce takes great care with each finishing touch.