Transportation Assemblies

NN, Inc.’s worldwide facilities supply highly engineered, custom assemblies for critical transportation applications. Assemblies can be metal-to-metal brazed, welded and staked construction or complex metal-to-plastic assemblies. The Precision Engineered Products Group’s manufacturing operations in the USA, Mexico, Dominican Republic and China offer you options to develop cost optimization considerations based on volume, part size, transportation costs and end-user location.

Assemblies may be built using full-automation or semi-automation, depending on volume requirements. Finished assemblies can be packaged and labeled to your specifications and made ready for shipment directly to your customer. All of our locations around the world are registered to either ISO 9001 or TS 16949. We are certified suppliers to many leading companies around the world. Continuous improvement drives our commitment to customer satisfaction. That commitment translates into on-time deliveries, excellent quality, competitive pricing and prompt customer service.

Multi-piece Assemblies

Multi-piece Assemblies

Staked, welded, brazed and molded assemblies are manufactured in our facilities, offering cost effective solutions to our customers worldwide. Our engineering staff will develop an assembly process specifically for your components and applications.

Precision Engineered Products multi-piece assemblies include:

Welded Contact Assemblies
Precious metal tape, wire or balls welded directly to base metal strip and then stamped to form a finished contact assembly in one operation. Full automation permits tight process control for high volume production.

Rivetlay Assemblies
Contact rivet/blade assemblies produced by one automated operation that forms the rivet from wire, assembles the rivet to the base metal and stamps the finished part. Converts three operations into one.

Brazed Assemblies
Solder brazed assemblies for electrical contact and special applications. Furnace brazing, induction brazing and other techniques designed to insure quality diffused bonds.

Secondary Assemblies
Semiautomatic and hand assemblies produced to customer specifications. Multi-piece welded, brazed and staked assemblies. Finished assemblies that can be packaged and labeled according to your specifications ready for shipment to your customer.

Terminals and Applicators

terminals applicators

NN, Inc. PEP Group’s world-class stamping capabilities have been applied to the production of custom electrical terminals and application / assembly equipment. These terminals are available in a variety of configurations.

Reel-to-Reel Terminals – designed for high-speed automated assembly. Parts may be discrete terminals or hybrid designs that incorporate other functions such as electrical contacts or contact assemblies.

Loose Piece Terminals – designed for low to medium volume requirements. Whether intended for hand or semi-automated assembly, Precision Engineered Products terminals are characterized by consistency piece to piece, excellent Cpk values and adaptability to a variety of dedicated applicator and other assembly equipment.

Crimped Assemblies – Automated, semi-automated and hand assembly of wire crimped components. Our Mexico and China facilities are ideally suited to provide cost-effective semi-automated and hand assembly services for end users in the U.S. and around the world. Supporting our crimped assembly products are a variety of electric drive stand-alone bench top crimping presses and integrated applicators to fit most wire crimping machines.

Micromolded Assemblies

micromolded assemblies

Precision Engineered Products Group is a one-stop source for small-to-micro component and assembly design and manufacturing. In addition to micro manufacturing, we offer an array of micro-related services: cleanroom micro molding, micro metal stampings, and specialty micro plating. We are dedicated to meeting our clients’ requirements for the most challenging geometry and micro components. Precious and base metals are combined using micro insert molding and/or reel-to-reel packaging methods. Extremely small, dust-speck sized parts are made using traditional yet unconventional tooling with core pins the size of human hairs. Combined capabilities in micro manufacturing include micro molding, microfluidics, micro stamping, specialty plating, single point diamond turning, and micro assembly.

Applications requiring these products and services include all types of small, functional automotive parts such as connectors, bearing retainer cages and seals, stators and stator bobbins and encapsulated sensor components.

Assembly Automation

Assembly Automation

PEP specializes in the production of complex assemblies to meet your demanding custom requirements. Depending on the finished part and volume requirements, equipment can range from full automation to highly adaptable semi-automation and robotics to optimize fit-up costs and automation efficiency.

Our custom automation is designed to produce large volume, dimensionally repeatable assemblies with tight control of your most critical characteristics. Assembly processes include staking, welding, and assembly of metal and plastic components to your specifications. We can provide assemblies up to the level specified by our customers. Low cost producer locations at our ISO 9001-registered Mexico and China production facilities are available to offer multiple low-cost options to suit your needs.

  • Custom and standard terminals and applicators for wire attachment
  • Close tolerance molded assemblies
    • ± 4μm on hole diameters and
    • ± 1μm on centerline distances
  • Integrated injection molding and precision stamping
  • APQP procedures, design FMEAs and engineering support
  • Prodigy modeling system for fast 3D full scale models
  • Fast prototypes, often 2 days to 2 weeks