Transportation Moldings

Precision Engineered Products’s transportation-oriented molding operations specialize in producing high-volume, under-the-hood components, sensors, connectors, stators and parts for automotive related applications. We work with customers to develop automated systems with robotics, including cameras and testing features, to ensure 100% conformance to our customer’s specifications. Our primary goal is early involvement in those challenging, difficult precision molding programs that others hesitate to take on.

Our facilities feature complete machine shop and tooling capabilities to accommodate tool builds and rapid tool modifications in response to product design changes and new product development. Our cross-functional teams provide advanced product quality planning that results in elegant solutions to the most demanding molding problems. Many world-class companies rely on our decades of experience and unrelenting focus on quality and service from start to finish.

Bearing Components

bearing components

PEP is a leading automated molder of automotive bearing components, retainer cages and seals in Amodel®, acetal, Zytel® and other engineered plastics. We also specialize in the production of pre-preg phenolic and phenolic – aluminum bearing components. Whether your application calls for a custom-designed component or one made to your print, our material experts and design engineers understand what it takes to meet your most demanding bearing and anti-friction requirements.

Any device with moving parts contains one or more points at which friction and wear must be guarded against. In addition, moving parts must be properly located to ensure proper function. PEP’s years of experience in the production of mission-critical bearing components is your assurance that we will put all of our state-of-the-art design and production software to work so as to provide the most cost-effective solution to your bearing problem.

  • Micron tolerance moldings
  • Features as low as 2 microns
  • Part weights as low as 0.0001 gram
  • Single-point diamond turning (thermoplastics and non-ferrous metals)
  • Materials include PEEK, LCP, TPE, PC, Ultem®, Pebax®, olefins and more
  • Fused Deposition Modeling, FEA, Moldflow® and other software

Insert Molding

insert molding

PEP specializes in the automated molding of all types of small, functional automotive parts for high volume applications such as connectors, bearing retainer cages and seals, stators and stator bobbins, and encapsulated sensor components. Using automated cell manufacturing techniques, we manufacture complex metal over plastic, plastic over plastic and plastic over glass components. These cells integrate programmable process control sensors to insure maximum uptime.

In addition to the production of individual insert molded parts, PEP specializes in reel-to-reel molding of plastic over metal parts, including in the area of micro molding. Our micro insert molding capabilities yield parts with micron tolerances and part weights below one gram, with shot weights of approximately 0.5 ounce. Backed by years of insert molding experience, PEP offers the end user highly competitive, technically innovative solutions to molded parts problems faced by a dynamic, rapidly evolving customer base.


Transportation Moldings Design

Precision Engineered Products’s engineering services have the resources to help support and develop your most difficult product design programs to full manufacturing capability. We have a staff of engineers with the latest computer aided design and simulation tools with years of experience. Our equipment and software is the latest technology and includes: MPA 3-D, MPA Mold Warp and MPA Mold Cool MoldFlow software, Pro-Engineer Mechanica finite element analysis software and Stratasys Prodigy Plus fused deposition modeling equipment.

At your request, our team of experienced engineers and technicians will work with you in the process of Design Failure Mode and Effects Analyses to insure that potential failure modes have been considered. This rigorous evaluation process will ultimately increase the probability that potential design pitfalls and their consequent effect on products and processes will have been actively addressed.

Volume Molding

Volume Molding

In aggregate, PEP has over 70,000 sq. ft. of molding manufacturing space and currently operates 80 thermoplastic injection molding presses ranging in capacity from 7 tons to 400 tons, many equipped with robotics for loading inserts, sprue removal, part separation, ultrasonic welding and device assembly. We specialize in shot to shot repeatability on tightly toleranced automotive components requiring Cpk values of 1.33 or higher on multiple dimensions.

Using CAD/CAM design tools, mold flow analysis and specialized cavity pressure transducers, Precision Engineered Products’s molding facilities combine tooling designed for volume molding production with molding process control capabilities to meet the most demanding applications. Today we are among the few who can mold parts with hundreds of contact holes in multiple rows, holding tolerances of ±0.013mm on contact hole diameters and ±0.050mm on centerline distances.