Transportation Stampings

For years, Precision Engineered Products has supplied the transportation industry’s need for critical engineered components. Through continuous improvement, we have demonstrated our commitment to customer satisfaction — on-time deliveries, excellent quality, competitive pricing and prompt customer service.

Modern facilities around the globe provide the right setting for our team to develop advanced technology and quality production operations. Talented engineers, designers, tool and die makers and technicians design, build and maintain the most productive stamping tools in the world. Precision metal stampings are produced for a wide variety of transportation uses, ranging from large structural stampings to precise reel-to-reel stampings specifically designed for use in automotive insert molding and gold or aluminum wire bonding applications. With ISO 9001 and TS16949 registration, Precision Engineered Products’s stamping operations are certified suppliers to major companies serving the automotive and other major industries.

Airbag Burst Disks

Airbag Burst DisksPEP is the leader in hybrid airbag burst disks and auxiliary components for airbag inflators and modules. These disks are also critical components of pressurized vessels for a variety of applications providing a high level of safety for people and equipment. Highly developed processes produce burst disks that are performance centered to improve reliability and conformance.

Precision Engineered Products’ precision burst disks are engineered to deploy at a specific pressure within a tight tolerance or in response to an initiator. Automated performance testing is conducted for each lot of disks according to customer requirements with test data supplied with each shipment. Every aspect of the process is controlled in-house to insure consistent performance.

Material selection and chemistry play an important role in corrosion resistance, strength and fatigue factors. Common and specialty materials include copper, commercial bronze, nickel, stainless steel, Inconel®, gold, platinum clad copper and beryllium copper. We test to all current standards and customer specifications.

Automotive Stampings

PEP has capability to manufacture precision stampings on presses with capacities of 2 to 400 tons, bed sizes to 48” x 144” and stock sizes up to .200” thick x 30” wide. Our process innovations help provide value in use for automotive airbag inflator assemblies, sound component chassis and panels, speaker frames, terminals and brackets, fuel cut-off switches and other critical applications.

We occupy a unique position in the automotive supply chain by providing products to Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 customers. Our expertise in providing leadframes, leads and interconnects to automotive insert molders is unmatched in the industry. We can assist in the design and production of insert-moldable metal products to the most exacting tolerances, insuring positive shut-offs and clean parting lines. We maintain multiple technical centers and fully-equipped tooling facilities for the design, construction and maintenance of all of our tooling.

Contacts and Assemblies

Contacts & AssembliesPrecision Engineered Products offers the broadest spectrum of electrical contact and contact assembly production in the industry. Cold headed contacts made of fine silver, silver alloys and other precious and non-precious metals. Ideal for low volume applications, double-headed contacts and small diameter contacts that cannot be economically made as composites.

PEP also offers silver alloy or metal oxide on copper composite contact rivets (HV), made on high-speed six-station machines in one operation or in two fully-controlled, high force blows (HD) in a single operation. Semi-tubular and chamfered shanks are available. Rely on the HV contacts for high-volume, high quality parts at low prices. Precision Engineered Products’s HD rivets are designed to satisfy mid to high volume requirements for heavy-duty applications. The strongest bond available at an attractive price.

We also provide electrical contact assemblies that stake or weld contacts directly to base metal strip that is then stamped to form a finished contact assembly in one operation. Full automation permits tight process control for high volume production.

Surface Finishing

surface finishingPrecious and base metal surface finishes are applied to your specifications using barrel and rack-plating techniques. The most efficient way to finish large quantities of small parts is by barrel plating. A wide variety of cylinder sizes, RPMs and electrical contacts are used to produce optimum results. Rack plating, using direct electrical contact and part/solution agitation systems, provide superior thickness distribution and uniformity of deposit for delicate parts with critical handling requirements.

Electropolishing services are available to ASTM-A967. We provide electroplated finishes that are regulatory compliant. Our surface finishing operations are Nadcap certified to AC7004 and AC 7108.

Comprehensive testing services are provided including corrosion resistance, certified thickness measurement, adhesion and visual functional testing to MIL-STD-833 and 202, cross sections per ASTM-3487-79, steam age and solderability.

  • Loose parts, reel-to-reel, specified strip lengths, special packaging
  • Micro-sized stampings
  • Fast prototypes, often 2 days to 2 weeks
  • Design FMEAs and engineering support
  • Specification plating and surface finishing
  • Precision electropolishing