What clarity reveals

When it comes to plastic machining, transparent parts that are exceptionally clear and free of surface blemishes are very important to our customers for both cosmetic and functional reasons – and PEP Connecticut Plastics delivers. You might say that Clarity Reveals What the Eye Can’t See.

Get to know the two sides of PEP Brainin

Whether you’re in the business of high-voltage switches or wearable medical monitoring devices, you can count on both sides of our PEP Brainin group. Learn more about Brainin’s metal stampings and electrical contacts.  

Do your products push the performance envelope?

PEP General Metal Finishing customers manufacture products for some of the world’s most critical applications – from aerospace and defense systems to advanced surgical technology. The specification plating solutions we offer our these customers go beyond plating to current MIL-STD and ASTM requirements. We share our engineering insights to help them improve their device performance, material costs and product manufacturability. Learn about our partnership with one industrial device manufacturer in Beyond Specification Plating.

Scientific Process Development: Beyond Tribal Knowledge Molding at PEP Lacey

Scientific Process Development allows PEP Lacey to offer the highest ascertainable levels of quality. It also gives us a tool for identifying and stripping out cost factors to keep pricing competitive for high-volume part manufacturing. Learn more about how PEP Lacey is utilizing scientific process development to yield optimal results in their injection molding process.

Precision Engineered Products LLC acquires brands Holmed, HowesTemco, Premco and Profiles

Precision Engineered Products (PEP) has completed acquisition of Advanced Precision Products (APP) business divisions Holmed, HowesTemco, Premco and Profiles. The four brands augment PEP’s robust manufacturing solutions portfolio with complex metal machining and cold forming capabilities. End applications range from surgical drill guides to oil sand screens. The groups bring to Precision Engineered Products a highly complementary customer base that extends PEP market reach into upstream oil and gas, and strengthen the PEP position in the aerospace, automotive and medical markets. “Precision Engineered Products customers are confronted by an era of increasingly complex product ecosystems,” said John Manzi, president and […]

PEP Brainin receives Raytheon 5-Star Supplier Excellence Award

PEP Brainin has again been recognized by Raytheon’s Integrated Defense Systems division for supplier excellence, this time with the 5-Star Award. Only about 3% of Raytheon’s partners achieve a 5-Star rating, the highest level of supplier performance. PEP’s General Metal Finishing team contributes complex plating solutions to the final end product delivered to Raytheon. Brainin last year was honored to receive Raytheon’s 4-Star Supplier Excellence Award.

Precision Engineered Products LLC acquires plastic machining company Connecticut Plastics

Over the span of three decades, Connecticut Plastics has cultivated proprietary plastic fabrication and polishing expertise that has earned them the preferred supplier position for many of the most innovative life sciences, medical, aerospace, and instrumentation and control companies. The group specializes in machining technically challenging parts made of all varieties of plastic and producing the smooth, burr-free surfaces essential for critical electronics and medical applications. “The Precision Engineered Products LLC mission is to become the premier manufacturer of highly engineered components and devices within our market segments around the world,” said Precision Engineered Products president and CEO John Manzi. […]

Automated insert molding of impellers – see how PEP microPEP does it

The PEP microPEP group specializes in the molding of micro components and micro features. microPEP gives you a glimpse into their automated insert molding operations with a new video clip posted to the Precision Engineered Products LLC YouTube video channel. You’ll see how, in this four-cavity operation, the SCARA robot places powdered metal inserts onto two core pins in the mold. The mold then rotates over to the injection unit to have the resin injected into the mold. The mold rotates again and the four parts, sprue and runner are pushed or knocked-out of the cavities. View this microPEP video and others showing precision molding […]

PEP Lacey featured in Modern Machine Shop magazine

Attracting the best talent is critical to developing an edge as an innovative business partner that supplies best-quality product. So is maintaining a focus on employee skills. In the current edition of Modern Machine Shop magazine, Lacey Manufacturing president Ken Lisk describes how one motivated employee, and an innovative training program, were transformative for one area of Lacey operations. Learn more about how Lacey Manufacturing improved quality and efficiency.