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Electrical Assemblies

The Precision Engineered Products Group’s business divisions work synergistically to offer optimum value to our customers. By using best practices in the manufacturing of both metal-to-metal and metal-to-plastic assemblies, we provide excellent service and world-class value-in-use to a demanding marketplace.

Our team of product engineers, manufacturing engineers, and tool and die designers provide techncial support in the areas of part design and applications engineering.  Your product benefits from our years of experience in the production of electrical contact assemblies, precision stampings, welded contact assemblies and specification plating and surface finishing and superior insert and overmolded processes.

At the outset of the project, the PEP Group can assist with concepts of design for manufacturability to develop a very cost-effective production process.

Switchgear Assemblies

Silver-tungsten (AgW), silver-tungsten carbide (AgWC) and copper-tungsten (CuW) powder metal contacts, brazed or welded to precision-machined base metal components for use in high energy switchgear, transfer switch and circuit breaker applications.

These complex electrical contact assemblies provide safe, reliable and repeatable continuity of electric power in a number of critical applications — making and breaking of high-energy current and transfer switches that provide virtually instantaneous switching from the electric grid to local power generation without interruption of critical functions. In this way, for example, hospitals can continue surgeries and other life-saving jobs despite the loss of power from the grid.

In much the same way, other critical processes can benefit from the features these products offer: security systems, electronic and computer server installations and a host of other functions. PEP’s electrical contact assemblies, backed up by decades of experience in the manufacture and use of solid and clad electrical contacts, will support your applications reliably and cost-effectively for the life of your project.

Staked and Molded Assemblies

Multi-piece staked metal assemblies and insert or overmolded plastic-metal assemblies for further build into finished products. We can provide product assembled up to the level you specify.

Using moldflow analysis tools, we can design our insert molding process to provide the optimum assembly to serve your needs. Our experience with high performance, high temperature resins such as Ultem allow us to closely control post-mold dimensions to micron-level tolerances with very tight process capabilities. This capability serves the needs of the energy management community by merging our ability to produce high volume metal stampings with strong insert and overmolding processes to provide the highest quality electrical contact assemblies.

By staking our solid and clad contact rivets to our precision stampings, we also offer unmatched breadth of process capability to our customers. In this way, design flexibility provides multiple opportunities to develop superior value-in-use in the end product.

Complex Assemblies

Complex Assemblies

Full automation or semi-automation. Multi-piece assemblies using pre-stamped and molded components. Low cost producer locations in Mexico and China are available to offer best cost options.

Where unit volumes and circumstances warrant, PEP can provide high volume and robotic assembly options to deliver the most cost-effective production alternative for your needs. In the event that volume requirements may not support the up-front cost of full automation, PEP has the ability to produce complex assemblies using semi-automation techniques, backed up by production facilities in low-cost producer countries such as Mexico or China. The same commitment to precision assembly, tight process capabilities and dedication to customer service will provide world-class cost effectiveness and the comfort of knowing that the assembly process can grow seamlessly as your requirements increase.

  • Custom and standard terminals and applicators for wire attachment
  • Close tolerance molded assemblies ± 4μm on hole diameters and ± 1μm on centerline distances
  • APQP procedures, design FMEAs and engineering support
  • Prodigy modeling system for fast 3D f-scale models
  • Fast prototypes, often 2 days to 2 weeks

Assembly Automation

Assembly Automation

Custom automation designed to produce large volume, dimensionally repeatable assemblies with tight control of your most critical characteristics. Staking, welding, and assembly of metal and plastic components to your specifications.

High volume production of assembled parts with tight tolerances, high Cpk values and thorough customer satisfaction is our specialty. Using robotic assembly techniques, as well as assembly-specific automation, we bring together high-volume, intricate metal stampings with rivet contacts, electrical contact tape and molded plastic components to produce assembled products for use in a wide range of energy management applications.

In addition to mechanical assembly, Precision Engineered Products also provide metal / plastic overmolded assembly capabilities, welding and brazing of precision metal components and specification surface finishing to round out our ability to provide a complete engineered solution to your needs with processes designed to enhance product performance..