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Electrical Contacts

Since 1939, Precision Engineered Products has been a leader in the production of electrical contacts for use in applications ranging from dry circuit to arcing, heavy duty, make-and-break devices. Representing the broadest range of manufacturing capabilities in the industry, PEP’s solution offerings include discrete electrical contacts, stamped contacts, connector contacts, solid and composite clad contact materials and high tech specification surface finishing and plating services.

Our team of product engineers and designers provide technical support in the areas of part design and collaborative applications engineering. Precision Engineered Products can assist in the design of contacts that are well suited to economical manufacturing processes. Although we have developed many innovative production techniques in the past, we are constantly developing new technologies to provide our customers with the best part at the best price.

With our quality certifications – ISO 9001, TS 16949, ISO 13485 and Nadcap – we want you to know that our commitment to your product’s integrity is uppermost in our minds.

Connector Contacts

Connector Contacts

Sub-miniature to large precision stamped parts for a wide array of connector and other complex electronic applications. Parts with tight critical dimensions and cosmetic requirements. Quantities up to millions per week.

Our connector contacts and interconnect parts are provided as loose piece or reel-to-reel, high-speed precision stampings and rely on the latest technology in tool and die building – from CNC machining to EDM wire cutting. Our dies use the most up-to-date die sensing technology, material handling and automated optical vision systems in order to achieve the highest speeds and most accurate stamping configurations possible. Our stamping dies are guaranteed for the life of the part, including maintenance and component replacement.

With PEP’s ability to provide manufacturing in the US, Mexico and China, we offer the opportunity to assign optimal technology, design and cost to your projects.

Rivet Contacts

Solid silver or silver alloy cold headed rivets, silver alloy or metal oxide composite rivets made on our proprietary six-station high-speed machines for large volumes, or our two-blow headers for heavier duty contact applications.

PEP’s breadth of product offering in rivet contacts is unrivalled. We can provide cold headed contacts made of fine silver, silver alloys and other precious and non-precious metals. These contacts are ideal for low-volume applications, double-headed contact configurations and small diameter electrical contacts that cannot be economically made as composite rivets. With straightforward tooling designs, these contacts are perfectly suited to quick delivery turnaround and fast prototype requirements.

Our proprietary six-station composite rivet machines are the ideal equipment to produce high volume bimetal contact rivets at low cost. Semi-tubular and chamfered shanks are routine for this process. Our HD composite rivets are designed to satisfy mid to high volume requirements for heavier-duty applications. The strongest bond available at an attractive price. And, with our specification plating capabilities, Precision Engineered Products can offer a range of surface finishes to provide optimum anti-corrosion protection for enhanced performance.

Stamped Contacts

Precision stampings for electrical switches and relays available in a wide variety of solid materials and precious metal clads. Wire forms and other four-slide parts with simple to complex bends and optimized grain direction for superior performance.

Our capabilities in precision stamping, matched with our insert and overmolding processes, offer significant value-in-use for those customers interested in a more integrated design approach. Working with a variety of precious and high-performance specialty metals, we can work with your engineers to construct the most cost effective solution available for your requirement. Using four-slide technology, we routinely craft wire forms and other small parts with complex bend requirements. Two-piece assemblies can be automatically welded in one operation.

PEP can also produce stampings and coined tips from a wide variety of precious metal clad or solid materials. These can be produced as round, rectangular or square contact tips, with or without solder backing, for heavier duty electrical contact applications.

Brazed and Welded Contacts

Solder brazed contacts for a wide variety of electrical device applications. Furnace and induction brazing to insure quality of the diffused bond. Precious metal solid and clad contact tape for direct welding to base metal strip and then stamping into finished contact assemblies.

Solder brazing is accomplished by furnace brazing, induction brazing and other techniques to insure high quality diffused bonds. In addition to the more conventional contact configurations and attachment methods, Precision Engineered Products also welds complex tapes, precious metal wire or balls directly to base metal strip that is then stamped to form a finished contact assembly in one operation. Tapped holes can also be provided. Full automation permits tight process control or high volume production. Specification plating is also available to provide corrosion resistance and performance enhancement.

  • High energy powder metal contacts: AgW, AgWC, AgC, CuW & more
  • Proprietary CA-bonded tri-clad and bi-clad welding button contacts
  • Contact materials: fine Ag, Ag alloys, AgCdO, AgSnO2, AgNi, as well as Au, Pd, Pt and their alloys
  • In-house bonded overlay and inlay clads using precision and base metal stock
  • Loose parts, reel-to-reel, specified strip lengths, special packaging
  • Precision screw machine parts, from sub-miniature to medium sizes
  • Specification plating and surface finishing